Have You Thought About Welding? Why not?

Andy Robles, Writing

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Why is there a high demand for welders? Welding is and always has been a good career choice and profession that not many people take under consideration when planning out there life. Welding is available for everyone; in fact, it is one of the very few careers where you can earn a six-figure salary with overtime with as little as nine months of certified training. Welders have endless career paths to choose from, because they are needed in pretty much every industry. They have room to further their career with additional schooling in things such as engineering, sales, project management, etc. Also, in many cases welders find jobs on board passenger cruise ships. This is a great job not only because they are being paid well, but they also get free room and board, chef prepared meals and access to all amenities and other things that passengers pay for. So, they are basically being paid to travel to different countries on a cruise ship. Lastly, pipeline installation welding often and in most cases, result in the welder having travel to other places such as Canada and Alaska. In this case, they are once again given free room and board along with meals and if the project goes on for an extended period of time, the company will fly them to and from their home during holidays. In summary, being a professional welder comes with many benefits and it is a career where they will always be needed.