The True Horrifying Origins of Disney Movies


Leslie Collins, Writer

From ‘Cinderella’ to “The Little Mermaid”, the origin behind your favorite Disney movie is rather dark. The original stories that Disney movies come from are more dark and violent than you think. The newer Disney movies are more happy and charismatic, but when it comes to the more classic movies like “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” the polished sweet endings are far from the truth. Torture, hanging, burning feet, etc. are all what the original stories have in them.Those are just a couple of the many more horrifying things that were re-written from the century old fairy tales.

For example, “Pinocchio” is not originally about a sweet little puppet wanting to be a real boy. In the original writing, Pinocchio is actually tortured a lot for “bad behavior”. In the original writing, Pinocchio was actually supposed to die by being hung, but the writer decided to let him live with the acceptation of more horrible punishments. Another example is “Cinderella”. In the original writing the two evil stepsisters actually cut off different parts of their feet to fit the slipper, but still did not get chosen by the prince. Then when they attended Cinderella’s wedding during the ceremony both sisters had their eyes ripped out by doves. So the original stories that Disney based his movies were actually really dark and evil before they turned them into sweet children appropriate movies. Not a lot of many people know this, but now you do so sorry for ruining your childhood!!!