The Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Leslie Collins, Writer

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The Bermuda Triangle also known as “The Devil’s Triangle” is a stretch of the Atlantic ocean separated by a line from Florida to the islands of the Bermuda, to Puerto Rico and then back to Florida. It is known as one of the biggest mysteries of time. That actually isn’t really a mystery.. It is know as a mystery because it has been said that a lot of ships and planes that go into the triangle don’t come out. The one big question is “How do they all go missing and crash or disappear?” No one has a one hundred accurate answer, but some say it is due to a weird magnetic anomaly that is known to affect compass readings. Others say it is due to methane eruptions in the ocean floor that turn the water frothy and makes it unable to hold the wait of ships and they sink. There are even other people saying it is due to an intelligent, race living in space or in the sea. No one really knows what causes these crashes and ships to sink, but we do know it is very mysterious and we all wanna know the truth!