Gender Reveal Party Ends in Wildfire

Monique Brasher

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A border patrol agent plead guilty to starting a fire in 2017 at a gender reveal. The Sawmill fire happened in Arizona. The rifle was supposed to shoot a target to reveal the gender. Which torched Coronado National Forest. The fire caused more than 8 million in damage. Dennis Dickey accidentally started the fire by shooting a target filled with a color substance, which would burst out in pink or blue, depending on the sex of his and his wife’s child. Dickey’s target also contained Tannerite, a highly explosive substance, and he shot at it, the explosion sparked the fire that spread for thousands of acres. Nearly 800 firefighters worked to contain a blaze that engulfed more than 45,000 acres in flames over the course of a week in April 2017. Dicky agreed to five years on probation and pay a fine of 8.1 million. Dickey also agreed to star in a public service announcement with the U.S. Forest Service. He will be sentenced on Oct. 9.