Dunkin’ Donuts is Getting Rid of Donuts

TyMarcus Woods

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If You have ever had donuts at Dunkin Donuts then you’ll know that they have really good donuts and they make the finest coffee that has ever been brewed.The franchise is sad to say that they are getting rid the Donuts from the the name and will focus less from on more of their coffees,teas,and speed service to-go food-but they will not be limited to doughnuts. Dunkin Doughnuts was founded in 1950 by Bill Rosenberg and he opened the first Dunkin Donuts shop in Quincy, MA.The shop took off and the business was excelling not long after that the Franchise was born.The company made the announcement that they are changing their name via Twitter”It’s official: “Were going by Dunkin now.” After 68 years of American running on Dunkin;Were Moving to a first name basis.Excited to be #BFFstatus with you all.#firstnamebasis #bestie.


The feedback that the franchise has gotten is many people are loving the change because they feel like if they focus more on the drinks and less on the donuts the business will sky rocket and the stocks will get better than ever before,The stocks have shown that they went up 0.74 percent and has stayed there since then but the main worry is keeping the stocks and business up and to keep the customers coming.The Franchise will have trouble trying to compete with other Franchises like Krispy Kreme,Tim Hortons, and Starbucks.This new goal for Dunkin Donuts will bring many new open doors for them,but what what ideas will be imagined for the new Franchise?