iPhone Slowdown

Monique Brasher, Writer

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In a recent finding Apple admitted that they slowed down old iphones every time they came out with a new model. Apple said its because they wouldn’t want older iphones to unexpected shutdowns which caused problems on the batteries.


Apple offered to replace the batteries for new ones but some weren’t satisfied.  People rushed to replace the slowed-down phones, not realizing that they only needed to replace the battery. Consumer protection law is all about the prevention of such deception by merchants. Each state has laws that prohibits unfair and deceptive acts, including the concealment of material facts, and especially representations on which consumers are known to rely. If Apple deliberately concealed the fact that the upgrades would slow down the phone, it could easily be found liable under these laws, notwithstanding its attempts to disclaim the liability in the contract.


Apple’s apology, surely vetted by its lawyers, attempts to put a good faith spin on the slowdown feature. It was intended to add, not subtract, features explains Apple. The virtuous goal was to prevent abrupt shutdowns of the device and improve its function, not to slow it down and end its effective life. Perhaps true, but Apple is saying this because it knows that its actual intent could matter. Apple knows that some state laws require plaintiffs to prove that Apple had the intention to induce consumers to get rid of their slow phones prematurely.Did apple break the law.