Madden Gaming Competition Gone Wrong

Jordyn Reynolds, Writer

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Sunday, August 25th, at 1:34 p.m., terror struck the Jacksonville Landing Complex when an armed gunman came in and shot at everyone in the venue leaving 11 injured, 3 dead (including the shooter himself) and 2 others participating in the event. The shooter, 24 year old David Katz, shot himself shortly after the shooting occurred, but there is no clues yet to his motive. A live-stream video had been recording the event, which showed the first shot of the gun but shortly the taping had been cut, leaving only a horrific audio of 12 gunshots going off during the competition. A red laser had been aimed at a player’s chest, but before anyone could react, 12 gunshots came rushing out.

So far, there is no motive found in this shooting. Katz was a contestant in the competition