2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Vs. 2018 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500

Rebekah Meyer, Writer

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The GT500 Mustang is an incredibly engineered piece of machinery designed and made for racing. With the build being made to be lightweight for gain of high speeds. The build is supposed to be made out of aluminum and carbon fiber to achieve its ultimate weight loss for faster speed and better fuel economy. As it’s weight to be around 3,600 pounds. The 2018 Mustang with 700+ horsepower is for this car to be the next level racing instrument. It is expected that the ford Mustang will stick to traditional lobe crankshaft or at least be different from 5.2-liter GT350 platform.


As for the Mustangs rival the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon teasing with power and speed and to test the limits they can go without stopping. As Dodge has made us believe that the Demon will have a stronger driveshaft capable of 15% more torque and stronger half-shafts with lower friction bearings. The SRT Demon is poised to be a great contender of the Mustang GT500 as it is also made to perform its optimum while on drag racing. The Demons horsepower topping the GT500 horsepower by at least a hundred and leaving the Demons horsepower at 800 plus. This beast being built to race is already banned from the NHRA Dragstrip because of its highpower lightweight model, and TorqueFlite 8-Speed Automatic Transmission.


It’s an even match between the Mustang GT500 and Dodge SRT Demon if to be challenged in a drag race. As long as a dragstrip track would actually take them but seeing how they are being banned before they are even out says a lot about the cars.