Driving My Sports Car

Derek Guzman

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Many today tend to have different daily vehicles, some have a gas efficient car for their everyday driving while some keep their sports cars for the weekend. On the other hand many daily drive their sports cars. Many will agree and disagree with this idea because some sports cars aren’t gas efficient enough. Depending on the motor size many are right. While gas isn’t cheap many still find a way to do it everyday.

Not only is gas an issue to many but most times sporty cars tend to have a more stiffer suspension. This making potholes and other major street bumps deadly on the sports car. Often times a stiff suspension can be rough, You definitely feel most of the street which isn’t always a nice feeling to your back. If you’re someone who carpools then maybe a 2 door sports car won’t be the smartest decision for your everyday driving. Most small cars tend to have little to no back seats.

In my opinion I think driving a sports car everyday is definitely a thing you can do. Coming from me, I drive a Mustang, which has a V8. I fill up once a week depending on how I drive. But overall I don’t think it’s bad at all. The suspension in my car isn’t too stiff so it really isn’t an issue to me. I think a major issue my car has is that it’s loud and the exhaust can often be irritating. But that’s is my fault because I chose to make it loud. But overall I think it’s something most people can do everyday.