How Switching Schools Benefited My Education – One Students Story

How Switching Schools Benefited My Education - One Students Story

Leslie Collins

Before I transferred to Mesquite I was doing all my schooling at Opportunities for Learning. When I first started going to school at Opps it was fine I was getting work done on time, I was making friends and I was adjusting really well at this new school. I was at Opps for about a year; around September of 2017 I was starting to have problems with the school work and staying concentrated so I wasn’t doing as well as I was when I first started school at Opps. I was not meeting the requirements I needed to make at opps, so I wasn’t going to graduate on time if I kept going the way I was going, I was still a sophomore when I should have been a junior. Around January I decided to talk to my parents about transferring to Mesquite because I have multiple friends here that told me they are doing way better at Mesquite than they ever had at Burroughs or Opportunities for Learning.


My parents finally agreed to letting me transfer to Mesquite so we came in that next monday and pulled me out of opps and enroll me into Mesquite. My first day at Mesquite I became a junior because they updated my transcripts. Ever since I became a student here my grades have been 10 times better and I have been more concentrated on my work and have been more productive with getting my work and I’m on the right track to graduate on time. That’s how transfering schools has benefited my education.