What’s Your Opinion On Turbo Engines?

Derek Guzman

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Many car enthusiasts have many different opinions on whether cars should be naturally aspirated or Turbo. Most modern cars today come with turbos just because it’s an easy way to make power. Many love the rush the turbo gives and all the amazing sounds it makes. But many also like to hear the sound of a big V8. Most non turbo (naturally aspirated) cars tend to have lots of horsepower. Most muscle cars tend to have Naturally aspirated engines.

Most foreign cars tend to have turbos: Subaru,  BMW, Mercedes and much more. Turbos tend to save more money than non turbo cars. V8’s and bigger engines tend to be more expensive in gas. V8’s also have more torque. It all depends on what you want. Turbos now days tend to save more gas and are more eco-friendly. There’s not a specific brand but most cars today will include turbos that will be eco- friendly.